The American Made Difference

At Dau Home Furnishings we carry many American Made products and we are celebrating American Made Manufacturers during the month of July! You may ask, “What makes american made furniture different from other furniture?” Well, take a minute and just sit right there and we’ll tell you all about how American Made Furniture became the prince of Bel Air…

Construction, Construction, Construction.  The American Made Furniture we sell at Dau Home Furnishings is constructed to last.  We are the exclusive Stickley Dealer in St. Louis and Stickley is synonamys with quality construction. This video explains some of Stickley’s construction differences.






Tried and True: Quality Furniture from a St. Louis Furniture Store

At Dau Home Furnishings, our St. Louis furniture store staff takes pride in the many brands we carry. Whether it is the timeless quality of a line like Stickley furniture or a long-standing history of being made here in America, we know that these considerations matter to our customers. With the Hickory White line of furniture, St. Louis families will find a wide range of styles to fit their taste.

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Missouri Furniture Store Tips: How to Handle Man’s Best Friend and Your Furniture

When you find the perfect sofa or rug for your home, the hope is that this piece will last you many years. If you have a four-legged friend (or two), you’ll eventually have to decide whether or not you’d like to allow them on your furniture. While there is no harm in allowing your dog or cat up one or two times to enjoy the movie with you and your family, allowing your dog free rein over the entire sofa can cause excess wear and tear. To help you protect your new sofa and keep your pets happy, consider these tips from a trusted Missouri furniture store. Continue reading

Defining Mission Furniture

At Dau Home Furnishings, our focus is on high quality furniture that is stylish and timeless. In a decade or two, what style of furniture still be in vogue? Will we still want dark wood with nickel accents in our homes? Will rustic finishes still be popular?  It’s possible, but like all fashion, furniture styles come and go. With our focus on furniture that can stand the stresses of time while still remaining stylish, Dau Home Furnishings has grown into one of the most successful St. Louis furniture stores. That’s where the mission furniture style comes in. Continue reading

Mix and Match with Mission Furniture

mission furnitureFor over 100 years, mission furniture has graced the bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms – and practically any other room in the home of American families. While some styles have come and gone, mission furniture has been constant due to its classic, simple yet elegant style. Before your next furniture purchase, consider the benefits mission furniture bring to your home and your style. Continue reading

Youth Bedroom Furniture: Pass It 0n

While our St. Louis furniture store is well-known for its custom furniture options and high-quality furniture for your living room, dining room or bedroom, we also offer options for the kids in your family. Your children could go through their shoes and clothes every other week as they grow, but the right furniture can give your child a stylish and classic option for their bedroom that will last for years. Continue reading

Honoring President’s Day at Our St. Louis Furniture Store

This President’s Day, Dau Home Furnishings would like to honor our forefathers by offering you great deals on furniture from the forefather of mission furniture: Gustav Stickley. With over 100 years of history making high-quality furniture, a piece from Stickley is one you can count on lasting a lifetime. Continue reading

Why Buy Custom Furniture from Your St. Louis Furniture Store

st louis furnitureFor the average furniture buyer, picking their next sofa or dining room table seems as easy as stopping by the nearest furniture store.  You can pick out, buy and have delivered your next piece all in the same weekend. But is this the best option for you? Dau Home Furnishings, a trusted St. Louis furniture store, has these considerations to keep in mind on why custom furniture might work best for your home. Continue reading

Mixing Wood Tones | Ask the Interior Designer Series

We all know styles change and cycle.  Some people will say with clothing that if you wait long enough, a style will come back.  This is also true with home furnishings in some ways.  We have moved away from every piece of furniture matching in the same finish to mixing it up a bit with a bit of variety. Continue reading