4 Tips for a Stylish Sunday Funday

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Its Sunday, the final day of your weekend and you’ve got to make it count! Get your friends and family together to relax and  have fun. The goal is to eat well, drink well and live well. Let “Sunday Funday” be your new tradition, and here are some tips on how to do it with style.

#1 Have that Picnic

Load up a basket with your favorite indulgences, grab your loved ones or take the time to relax solo, spread out that blanket and bask in the glory of not being at work. Picnics are a classic way to take in the sun and enjoy the outdoors. The classic red and white gingham blanket is a staple in the perfect picnic, but consider freshening up the look with a bold new color or fun pattern. Mix up your look with some vintage plates or a fun tote bag instead of the typical basket. Take the opportunity to turn your favorite park or patch of grass into a showstopper. Kicking back and relaxing is even better when you know you look good doing it.

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#2 Host that Brunch 

Think of your favorite people to kick back and enjoy life with, give them a call and let them know that you are hosting a brunch and they are invited! Now that people are coming over its got to look great. The best part about hosting a brunch is the simplicity. With the great resource of the internet recipes for delicious food and quintessential brunch cocktails are readily available. But doing it in style is really what makes this Sunday tradition the best way to end a long week. Wow your brunch guests with fun and interesting bar ware. Try some Mid-Century Modern glasses for those mimosas, bust out  the china you inherited that’s so ugly its cool now. Mix it up with a fun center piece, a chic Bloody Mary bar, and post every moment of it on Instagram.

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#3 Work that Yard

This time of year with beautiful weather “Sunday Funday” commonly takes place outside. The first impression you get to make for your home is your yard. Landscaping and gardening can be great fun and if you stay in your wheelhouse it can be easy too. Not everyone has a green thumb but just like the inside of your home your yard should make a statement that reflects you. Try identifying the style you want to work within for this first impression. Maybe you’re “Urban Contemporary” with a monochromatic scheme planting mostly textured greens while your pots and planters are in an array of grays and earth tones. Keep it minimal, sleek and sharp looking and your style will come across effortlessly. Or maybe you want the “Shabby Chic” look with soft colors and lush arrangements. Diversify the plant choices, use garden stools and think organic and eclectic when pulling your look together. Put your earbuds in, hit shuffle and get to digging, Sunday Funday may require a trip to your local greenhouse.

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#4 Re-Work that Room

We all have that friend who owes us a favor, Sunday Funday could be the day to cash that favor in. Open the drapes, turn up the music and keep an open mind. Try changing your frame of mind about your space, move the furniture around, take art from another room and swap it out, adjust the lighting, just try new things. Once you’re in the groove it will start to become fun and you may fall in love with things you used to think were out of place. This will also help you to identify what key pieces you need to add to your look or find new color inspiration for accessorizing.  As you work with it you can start to feel more in control of your space. Adding friends and fun to the mix makes this a perfect Sunday Funday activity.

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What ever you decide to do make sure you fill your day with fun, love and style…