Finding Your Sofa Soulmate

Sofa Soulmate Shopping for a Sofa Couch

Today there are more options than ever when it comes to finding your sofa soulmate.

With endless design elements to choose from and creative trends changing rapidly, it is not hard to find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Now that you’ve gone through the process you may be entertaining the idea of a generic sofa that you see everywhere, one that says absolutely nothing about your own personal style, but its quick and you can be finished with the process.

This sofa will no doubt stare at you every day reminding you that you are ultimately unsatisfied with this choice.

A sofa with great quality, style and interest is waiting for you. If you are particular about what you want, then embrace all of the options available to you. The key here is to rope in an expert. Let someone else sift through the data and pair those options down for you. Now you’re closer to something that represents your style and will last through the years. Sofa selection can be really exciting and with the right approach, you can count on finding your sofa soulmate.

Here is a quick guide to finding “The One”…

All About That Base

One thing that can set your sofa apart from the generic herd of mass produced items is a compelling base. You can go simple and classic, sleek and modern or heavily stylized when you have an interesting base grounding your piece.  Here you can really highlight some incredible craftsmanship, exceptional design and a unique twist on common styles. Check these out for a little inspiration…

Within an Arm’s Reach

Something that can dictate the entire design of a sofa is the design of the arm. This is not just an extension of the frame or a place to rest your arm while seated. The sofa style is often defined by the arm choice and the goal is to merge comfort and impactful design. Many skilled artisans in the U.S. are creating some incredible looks and their abilities really come to life when they present the design of the arm.

Shape Up

Shout out to Kim K. and J.Lo for reminding us that embracing shape can be a beautiful thing. This applies to sofas too. A sofa with a graceful curve or angular detail can make a beautifully bold statement. Not only does this provide an intriguing look but it can lend itself to the flow of the room or placement in an awkward layout.  Don’t be afraid of an unexpected line or profile.  Interesting design is always in style.