Statement Console Table


Statement Console Table

We all know the importance of making a great first impressions. That same rules apply when it comes to your decor. A statement console table can set your style in motion and act as the foundation for the way you present your home to the world (or your friends and family).

We have all seen a run of the mill console table that certainly serves its purpose, but imagine the first impression being an absolute showstopper. Here is a small collection of ideas to get your wheels spinning and help you find out exactly what statement you want to make.

Is your style…


A visually interesting piece will always make a statement. Think outside of the box here and consider shapes and forms you don’t see very often. The key to “Graphic Modern” success can be comprised in two ideas: “minimal” and ‘memorable.” You don’t need a lot to say a lot; let the console table do the talking. Take these for example…



One thing that is hard to deny in a statement piece is craftsmanship. Consider this style if you are looking to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your home. The more ornate pieces do not have to be in exclusively traditional spaces. In fact, a heavily carved or sculpted piece can be incredibly bold up against a clean and modern back drop.  Turning traditional rules upside down can take your style to the next level.




This style can make a statement in such interesting and diverse ways. To find beauty and function in a piece that is otherwise used in construction or industrial settings makes your space immediately special. It is always good to incorporate the unexpected in setting your design apart from others. When you incorporate these elements it says something about your eye for style and creates a sense of “all is welcome,” which is never a bad statement to make for your home.



Some of the best looking spaces have a layers of texture and depth. It is automatically inviting if you feel like you want to touch and feel the elements around you. When you incorporate these ideas into your statement console table, it sends the message that you appreciate all that is beautiful in this world. With this style you can make your space intriguing, relaxing and curated.

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