8 Simple Rules for Eclectic Decor

People are always asking, “What is the newest design trend?” In most cases, what is trending doesn’t exactly work for the everyday person. I answer that question with a question of my own, “What makes you feel good in your space?” This allows someone to reflect on what kind of environment makes them happy and comfortable. If that is how they feel in a space, there is a trend to follow. The reality is, we grow and evolve our spaces over time. It’s not every day that we have an empty room and need to start from scratch, (but if today is that day for you, come see me). We keep sentimental pieces for years, inherit family heirlooms, buy new pieces of joy and so on and so on. It can be difficult to establish a clearly defined style with a random collection of things.  What if I told you that you may be able to use the oddball pieces, and by adding the right things to this mix could create a curated space with character, inspiration and personality. That will always be on trend! Give it a shot, here are 8 simple rules for eclectic decor…

1. Balance

Balance may be the most important thing to consider when creating an eclectic space. When mixing styles and design elements that are not typically used together, make sure that one aspect of the design is not too dominant. An easy way to start creating this style is to find a few styles to blend together. Once you have identified what will be the key styles put them in an order and use this as a formula for selecting your pieces and placing them in your space. For example, blend Mid-Century Modern (MCM), Traditional, and Neo-Classic.  Take a MCM Sofa and try pairing this with a traditional side chair and accent these pieces with a neo-classic cocktail table. Then start at the beginning as you incorporate other things and repeat this cycle. This will ensure each style is used evenly and help to keep some sort of rhythm in the space.

2. Texture

An eclectic space is only successful if people feel comfortable and are intrigued by the environment that has been created. Making sure there is a presence of texture in your space will create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is not only about furniture and art paired together in interesting ways, these pieces need to have depth and dimension as well. A sleek and refined pair of end tables with a glossy sheen could be paired with a reclaimed cart for a cocktail table. What is great about this mix is that the essence of each piece is highlighted by presenting them together with contrast.

3. Relationship

When pulling a room together, there are important things to consider. One considerations is the relationship between the elements of the space (What do you mean by this?Possibly reword: When pulling a room together, there are important things to consider like the relationship between the individual elements occupying the space.). Each piece should still observe rules of scale. Placing items together that are disproportionate can quickly disrupt the flow of how a room is presented. (Example: Putting A giant clock behind a baby sized lamp…) Creating a relationship between the pieces can come about from small commonalities in the individual pieces or the ability for one piece to pick up where the next leaves off. We all know that couple that manages to argue at every gathering and makes everyone else feel awkward and uncomfortable. Think of your design elements in the same way, don’t bring that energy into your design.



When incorporating pieces into an eclectic environment, use a wide range of things that have meaning. A small side table from your trip to Morocco, the accent chair that sat in grandmothers living room throughout childhood, the first note that you received from a partner is now framed and hanging in a gallery wall, a used textbook from a college photography course is now a coffee table book, etc. The little things that are all around us and tell our stories are what enriches an eclectic space. A great looking room that has an eclectic feel, should beg the question “Where did you get this?”


5. Sense of Humor

This kind of space is meant to celebrate the entire world of style and inspiration. It is important to not create a room that takes itself too seriously or the level of interest may become lost. Use unexpected fabrics, bold colors, whimsical subjects in art pieces, or old photos from a bygone era. Anything that says “relax and enjoy” can go a long way when executing the right vibe for an eclectic space.

6. Wow pieces

Every design style requires a focal point at the center of the space. When it comes to an eclectic style there are more options than ever to draw from, but making a wise choice could make or break the final result. Using a wow piece immediately sets the tone for the room and other pieces should support and elevate whatever this piece may be. Maybe it’s a Jade Green, velvet Chesterfield sofa that is floating in the middle of the room or a large graphic art piece that makes a bold statement hanging over an antique credenza. Whatever it is, this piece or coupled pieces should be clearly defined as the “wow piece” and the other items in the room should be supporting players.

7. Avoiding Clutter

Developing an organic collection of pieces from many different points of inspiration doesn’t mean, “pile as much as humanly possible in one space.” This is something I say over and over to myself every single day. Once in the zone of finding the right things and pieces of furniture it can be difficult to know when enough is enough. The goal is to develop a space filled with unique pieces that work well with each other to reflect the personality of the resident. If something doesn’t have the space to shine, don’t use it. Keep things in storage or in other rooms and rotate these things in and out to keep the space an ever changing organic rotation of personal inventory.

8. Confidence

After considered all of the rules on this list, should inspiration strike, go for it baby! This is a curated room after all and while this space should be a success to anyone who may enter, it’s a personal story to tell. When blending many styles together, incorporating something that may not be someone else’s cup of tea is bound to happen. If it fit’s the space, has personality, and makes sense, everyone will love this eclectic decor.



Now that you have your rules, it’s time to get out there and mix it up!!!