A Zest of Chartreuse

A happy mix of yellow lemon and green lime, Chartreuse is found in cut kiwi,blooming forsythia, button mums, even on a wood warbler, to name a few of its natural sources. Chartreuse (sometimes called Citron) brings a ray of light everywhere you put it, whether soft, vibrant or flashy.

Chartreuse has great play in clothing, home fashion, paint, accessories, wedding and stationary design, flower arrangements–the other day I saw it in a car! I love it!chartreuse drink

Interestingly enough, the term Chartreuse originally stems from two, different French wine-based herbal liqueurs–one more yellow and the other more green–made with 120 herbs and flowers. I haven’t ever tasted it, but they say it has a very unique aroma.

I have fun applying its color in my projects, as it is one of my absolute favorites! I get my inspiration from the plethora of beauty in nature.

I often use different hues of Chartreuse to accent and revive a space, with accessories, different fabrics, area rugs and art:

gray kitchen cabinets

Image 18

Image 18

Image 14

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.32.02 PM

Chartreuse is a great marriage of warm and cool tones and it is multi-faceted depending the intensity of yellow/green hues. One of its characteristics is that it adapts to warmth and coolness depending how you use it in a color scheme. It works great with orange, brown and red, but also blue, turquoise, purple and teal. It adds a color punch to neutrals and especially several tones of gray, and thrives with black.

Here at Dau Furniture, we have an array of ideas and great inspiration, and how to apply a zest of Chartreuse in your home:


Here is the Park chair, a beautiful transitional Wing Chair by Vanguard Furniture. Available with your own choice of fabric and wood finish.

weedport chair

A fun contemporary chair is the Weedsport, by Thom Filicia. A great companion is the hexagon faux leather drink table. Both are available in your own choice of fabric/leather and nail trim.

butterfly art

Chartreuse is a great color enhancer; this butterfly art comes in a series of six different butterflies. It truly doesn’t take much to ‘energize’ a neutral color scheme.

welsley hall sofa

This Wesley Hall sofa is like a breath of fresh air… The greener face of Chartreuse makes it look crisp and happy!

Check out some cool ideas for your interiors using Chartreuse:  The result has one thing in common: Sparks of Life and FUN!

Dau Furniture

If nothing else, Chartreuse is giving our track a ‘happy ending delivery’…

I can talk about Chartreuse for ever…   Now I am getting curious about Chartreuse in the bottle …  Maybe I can try it some day!