Geodes: Design patterns that “Rock”!

I always had a thing about precious stones, crystals and geodes, and their colors and mesmerizing patterns. It’s truly amazing how much beauty comes from the guts of earth!

Geodes (Greek γεώδης – ge-ōdēs, “earthlike”) are geological secondary structures that occur in certain sedimentary and volcanic rocks. They are of sedimentary origin formed by chemical precipitation. Geodes are essentially hollow, somewhat sphere-like masses of mineral matter (Wikipedia).


When my son was little I started a collection of semi-precious stones for him as he liked rocks. We bought them here and there from our travels and now he has a small collection that is quite beautiful!

So when the new design trend of Geological patterns came up strongly a couple of years ago (and seems it’s here to stay), I got really excited.

e41b864e4d5791fdde0489dde741d2eb30f3e558c7ad68457198505a4fcf9d57 Rocks and stones came out bold in jewelry and accessories


Soon, the rock madness started getting into our homes in many forms embellishing hardware and giving more of the ‘jewelry effect’ in everything under the sun.


It made its way up the walls making astonishing visuals in walls–


Window Treatments, Fireplaces and Ceilings…


Kitchen and Bath countertops have become conversation pieces…


Furniture and upholstery couldn’t stay out of the picture either. Look at the breathtaking Lapis finish on this cabinet by Century Furniture that can be applied on any piece.


Textiles have gone wild with Geological patterns.



Here is a Welsley Hall Agate pattern wing chair.


Malachite cocktail ottoman with acrylic legs by Century Furniture


Agate fabric pattern upholstered headboard


What else?

Ultimately, Geodes have endless applications and they can add texture and depth in so many surfaces. Come to Dau today to find out how we can help you design your own masterpiece.