Brandie Eaton

Interior Designer

Brandie Eaton has over 15 years of home décor experience and is passionate about working with clients to create their ideal space.  As a child, Brandie and her family moved regularly and she was exposed to a variety of design and architectural styles.  From a young age she began to hone her skills for design and created a beautiful environment wherever she was. This creative ability led her to a career in home furnishings where she extends her knowledge to her clients while guiding them through their design projects.

“I find that some people feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the idea of design. The best experiences are when I have a great connection with a client and we can move through the process together so it becomes exciting and enjoyable. These spaces belong to them and my main goal is to guide my clients in creating a space that truly reflects who they are”

As a mother of three, Brandie has a unique ability to create spaces that are functional and comfortable without sacrificing style or design sensibility. Brandie believes that each space has something special to offer and each family has a story to tell. She welcomes these client relationships to help them create a space to make unforgettable memories.

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