Margaret Bloch

Interior Designer

Margaret’s enthusiasm for art and design began developing at an early age. At 7 years old, her creativity was set in motion by an Alexander Calder kinetic mobile sculpture made of sheet metal and wire at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. In a state of wonder, she took note of how the movement of the people walking below the large hanging kinetic mobile sculpture affected the movement of the air, and ultimately the movement of the mobile above. This captivation of movement and how different factors affect movement translated well into her interest for interior design, but in an opposing manner — this time it was being captivated by how the design of a space affects the movement of people, and ultimately the way a space is used, all while keeping the elements of design in mind.

As an interior designer, Margaret loves to collaborate with clients to create useful and enjoyable spaces. She understands the importance of being creative and innovative as well as being technically proficient. Margaret knows improving the design of a space can significantly affect human lives and feels a successful space imposes order, adds functionality, and stimulates the senses.

Margaret thrives on making human connections. Margaret enjoys communicating and working closely with clients. Not only does she love how the design process facilitates communication and interactions with her own clients, but how the final design can encourage communication and unexpected interactions between those using the completed space.

Margaret is a St. Louis native. She earned her BFA in Interior Design at the University of Central Missouri and a Master’s degree at Lawrence Technological University in Detroit. During her free time, she can be found thrifting for antiques around town and spending time with her two Dachshunds and Old English Sheepdog.

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