Our House Designs

Things are a little different at Our House. For starters, we’re more than a company. Our House is a family, bound together by an uncompromising commitment to creating the finest handcrafted furniture produced anywhere in the world. They believe in building the kind of furniture that our own family would enjoy – beautiful, high quality, and ready for your family to make its own memories. And, to back up our philosophy, we have some of the most talented and experienced designers and master craftsmen in the country. They believe that “made in America” means “best in the world,” and they take the time to make sure each product they create meets that expectation. But, if that’s not enough to make you confident that Our House Designs’ products are right for your family, stop by one of our dealers and take a look at our creations – or visit us at our plant. We’re always happy to have friends visit Our House.

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