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Dau Furniture makes no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content at this site or other sites to which the site links. All information concerning products are based on current information at the time of programming. Dau Furniture reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in the information contained on this internet site, including without limitation, discontinuing or changing colors, materials, fabrics, designs, or specifications.

Photography on this site is provided by our manufactures.  The fabrics and finishes may not represent the way a product is shown on our showroom floor.

Dau Furniture presents the information on this web site as a service to its customers and other internet users.

Due to the custom nature of our furniture lines, pricing on this website is based on starting or introductory price levels.  Prices may change due to options selected by a consumer at the time of visit to our showroom. Pricing on this website may not be reflected in our showroom samples.  Pricing seen on this website may not reflect the exact way a product is shown on the products specific product page. For questions on pricing please contact us at 636-394-3005 or at info@daufurniture.com

When Making a Purchase on Our Site:

  1. Buyer agrees to accept possession of the merchandise listed on this order. If Buyer does not for any reason accept possession of any ordered merchandise within thirty (30) days from either the placement of the order or from receipt of the merchandise in Seller’s local warehouse, whichever occurs later, Seller may, at Seller’s option, charge Buyer a reasonable amount for storage until the merchandise is accepted by Buyer. Items not accepted by Buyer within (30) days must be paid for in full. 
  2. Buyer understands that all floor sample clearance or special order items are FINAL sales and may not be returned under any circumstances. Buyer understands that all other orders are special orders created, manufactured and/or designed at Buyer’s request and in accordance with Buyer’s specifications, and may not be returned except for defects covered expressly by the written manufacturer warranty. However, if Seller, at Seller’s option, decides to accept a return or cancellation of floor sample clearance or special order item, Seller may do so upon advance payment by Buyer of a restocking charge of thirty-three percent (33 %) of the total purchase price of the returned or cancelled item(s) for regular orders, and fifty percent (50%) of the total purchase price for custom quote orders. In addition to this restocking charge, Buyer agrees to be responsible for Seller’s pick up and/or delivery charges. A return must occur within (14) days of taking possession of the item(s). 
  3. Seller may cancel this order upon refund to Buyer of any deposits paid. 
  4. Sales or other applicable taxes due may be adjusted according to regulations prevailing at the time of delivery. 
  5. Buyer understands that, with the exception of the manufacturer’s warranty, Seller is making no other warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the merchandise. 
  6. Buyer agrees that in the event Seller is compelled to pursue legal action for the collection of any amounts due Seller from Buyer, Buyer will be responsible for Seller’s costs of collection, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. 
  7. Upon delivery, Seller will only set up the merchandise purchased on this order and Seller is not responsible for moving or installing any electronic or other equipment or merchandise not purchased from Seller. 
  8. A facsimile or DocuSign of this order, including the signature portion thereof, shall be treated and relied upon by all parties hereto as an original contract and an authentic signature with the same legal force and effect as though the facsimile or Docusign is in fact the original document to which a genuine signature has been affixed.